Hall rentals


The pride of MERCHANTS’ CLUB is the renovated spacious Mercurius Hall on the second floor of the building, formerly the venue of glamorous parties and various meetings.

The interior of the 300 sq.m. hall combines the lavish atmosphere of old original stucco, ornaments and columns and the state-of-the-art functionality of today.

Depending from the event, there are several capacity variations: table seating for 160 guests, theatre seating for 200 guests and 250 places for standing guests. To ensure maximum comfort for guests, the hall is fitted with a state-of-the-art heating, ventilation and dynamic lighting systems; basic video, audio and presentations equipment is available. The hall has two ancillary premises – 24 and 14 sq.m.


The more modest 112 sq.m. hall of the MERCHANTS’ CLUB is decorated with authentic stucco; it used to be the room for playing billiards and holding meetings. Today its function remains unchanged: the space can be conveniently used to accommodate smaller meetings or parties.

The hall holds up to 40 guests and is fitted with state-of-the-art ventilation, heating and dynamic lighting systems.

The hall is located on the second floor and can be accessed by luxurious stairs or one of the two elevators.

The 65 sq.m. foyer in between the Mercurius and the Acanthus halls can serve as a place for small coffee breaks or as a place of assembly for guests. The combined area of the two halls and the foyer is 500 sq.m.


The common rest and guest welcome area – an enclosed inner courtyard has been installed for the convenience of guests and employees of the MERCHANTS’ CLUB,

its glass ceilings that reach the fifth floor serve as a natural source of light all year long. The 84 sq.m. courtyard on the ground floor of the building has a rippling creek with tiny bridges and shining benches.


One can relax from work with a cup of coffee, enjoy the panorama of the small streets and prominent buildings of the centre of Vilnius, raise a glass of a festive beverage

or simply take a breath of fresh air on the 170 sq.m. roof terrace of the MERCHANTS’ CLUB that can be accessed by luxurious stairs.